Venus of Willendorf

Venus of Willendorf
Venus of Willendorf, discovered in 1908 by by Josef Szombathy.

Venus of Willendorf is the Mother of all things. She is the creator and out of her bountiful body she gave birth to all. She is a Goddess of fertility, abundance and sexuality. The figurine of this Goddess is one of the oldest sculptures of a human form that we have found yet and dates back to between 30,000 and 25,000 BCE.

Th Earth Goddess is our Mother and she represents our primordial ancestors and our own earthly womanly bodies. She is here to remind us that we come in all shapes and sizes and to love and listen to our bodies. Helping you to look within to your shadows, especially those linked to self image and not being able to love ourselves. She will help you embrace and accept every part of you. Loving you and who you are, inside and out.

Venus of Willendorf Correspondences


Red, Brown, Green


Venus of Willendorf figurines, Earth, Rounded belly figures.


Moldavite, Rose Quartz, Rhododite, Red Jasper, Kunzite, Jet, Black Moonstone, Red Carnelian, Aventurine, Fluorite.


Clary Sage, GeraniumYlang Ylang, Rose, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Meditation to connect with Venus of Willendorf

Lie or sit down in a comfortable position. Take three deep breaths, relaxing your whole body. Hold your intention in connecting to Venus of Willendorf. You could say this in your head three times, ‘My intention is to connect with Venus of Willendorf.’

Imagine you are standing outside a cave. This cave is where you will meet Venus of Willendorf, for this is her cauldron of creation, her womb. You enter the cave and slowly walk forwards. It is dark and cool, but it’s comforting. Even though you can not see you know you are safe to keep walking forward. You then stop as you feel this is the right place to and as soon as you stop you hear a voice. ‘Welcome child, I am Venus of Willendorf, the Mother of all. You are inside my womb, where everything is created. This is a place you can feel safe and secure. I will comfort you when you need it and help you through your self work.’ You do feel very comforted in this dark cave and you know you are safe. You reply to her and say ‘Thank you for connecting.’ You then sit down and start a conversation with her.

When you have finished talking to Venus of Willendorf, you thank her and make your way out of the cave. You know you can come back to this cave anytime and connect with her. When you are ready, take three deep breaths and come back to the room.

Write down your experience. What was she like? Did she appear to you and have a message for you? Did she answer your questions? How did you feel?

Meditation to connect with Venus of Willendorf
Venus of Willendorf. Photo from Wikimedia Commons

How to connect with the Venus of Willendorf


Connect with Venus of Willendorf through meditation. Use the one above or find one you are drawn to. You could even simply just sit, close your eyes, relax and ask her to connect and see what happens. With practice you will get more and more connected.


Put on some music and dance! Dance, dance, dance. Let the music take you away. Let yourself go and flow with it. Move your body.

Sit in Nature

Sir or walk in Nature somewhere. Connecting to the Earth and her Heart.

Clear Energy and Ground

Clear your energy and ground by placing your bare feet on the Earth, close your eyes and relax. Imagine roots growing down from your feet, deep into the Earth. The roots go deeper and deeper until they grow round the core crystal in the middle of the Earth. You are connected to the Goddess. Breathe up the energy of the loving Mother, through your roots into your feet and all the away through your body. The energy explodes through your head and tumbles down around you. Imagine a white light high above your head. This is Source energy. Imagine it beaming down into your head, through your entire body and into the ground to the core of the Earth. Feel the energy clearing and cleansing you. Clearing away anything that no longer serves you. Feel that you are rooted to the Earth and the Mother is holding you and supporting you. Stay in this energy for as long as you like and once you are finished, thank the Mother and Source for clearing you and grounding you. Take three deep breaths, open your eyes and come to where you are.


Venus of Willendorf
Back of Venus of Willendorf. Photo from Wikimedia Commons

How Venus of Willendorf will help you

Venus of Willendorf is here to help you go within and deal with your shadows of self. The issues you may have with your worthiness, or the way you look, or your self doubt. She will help you see the beauty within you and without you. To help love yourself and know that you are enough and you are beautiful, no matter how you look or what you do. For we are all unique. We are all beautiful. We all have something to offer the world. You just need to believe in yourself and heal the wounds within in order to move on more confidently and happier. To become whole again.

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