Artemis is a Maiden Goddess from Greece. She is the Goddess of the Hunt, Wild Animals, Vegetation, Childbirth, Nature and the Moon. Daughter of Zeus and Leto and brother to Apollo.

She is Wild and Wise, a Free Spirit, Virgin in the sense of not being married and being her own woman, yet she is pure and knows her body is sacred and not to be given lightly to any man or let a man take her, defending her chasity.

Goddess of the Forest, Mountains and Marshes, roaming and protecting the Animals and all that live there. Strong and beautiful, free and playful, primal and brave. She dances and plays with the nymphs, looking after the wells and springs. She is a huntress, with her bow and arrows hunting and killing only what is needed and protecting the rest.

Artemis protects the innocent, especially children and their purity. Defending the powerless from unjust treatment and justice for all. She helped her Mother give birth to her brother Apollo and therefore she became known as a midwife, protector and nurturer and is called on when women give birth.

All animals are sacred to her but especially the Bear and Guinea fowl is her associated bird. She will often be pictured with the Stag or Hound as a Huntress but she will be pictured with lots of animals and the moon also.

As a Moon Goddess she is the Mistress of magic, enchantment and sorcery. Doreen Valiente thought her name may mean ‘High Source of Water’ and the Moon is regarded as the source and ruler of the waters and the oceanic, psychic and menstrual tides making her a Moon Goddess. Shes most associated with a crescent or new moon being a maiden, but lights the dark to help people on their path.

Artemis Correspondences

Other names

Diana, Cynthia, Delia, Pheobe, Pythia, Agrotora, Locheia.


Silver, White, Green especially forest greens, red.


Bow and arrows, Crescent and new moon, Animals especially Bear, Stag, Dogs, Guinea Fowl, Elephant, Horses, Deer, Dove and bee, Hippogriff, Centaur, Menstrual blood, Sandals, Magical/Mythological Animals.


Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl, Silver, Turquoise, Diamond, Jacinth.

Oils & Herbs

Jasmine, Mankdrake, Mugwort, Aloes, Hazel, Moonwort, Almond, Honeysuckle, Fir tree, Thistle, Laurel, Ginseng, Camphor, Lemon Verbena, Rose, Violet, Ylang Ylang, Sage, Cypress, Cedarwood, Pine.


Artemis correspondences


Meditation to connect with Artemis

Light a candle and some incense, put some relaxing music on, close your eyes and relax. Take three deep breaths. Hold your intention on meeting Artemis, maybe by saying ‘My intention is to connect with Artemis’ and do this three times.

Imagine you are in a forest, surrounded by huge trees, the sunlight shining through the canopy, the birds are singing and you hear the rustle of leaves as animals are near by. You notice a path in front of you and start to walk towards it. Taking the path further into the forest, you notice a stag. You stop in awe of it, it looks as though he wants you to follow him, so you start to walk towards him. He then starts to trot so you walk faster eventually turning into a run to catch up. You eventually catch up to him. He has lead you to a clearing/grove surrounded by trees. In the middle is a huge stone/rock. You walk to the rock and place your hands on it, feeling the energy it gives off.

Suddenly, you see a figure walking towards the clearing towards you, it is a beautiful woman, dressed in skins and she has a headdress of horns. She is with the stag that lead you there. She approaches you and says ‘Welcome, I am Artemis, daughter of the Moon, the Forest and the Waters. You wish to connect to me, do you not?’ You say hello and tell her, yes you want to know more about her. She takes your hand and leads you through the forest and starts to show you all that she is.

Where does she take you? Take this time to acknowledge what she tells you and where she takes you. Talk to Artemis. Ask her questions, listen to her and any message she may give you.

After a while and when you are finished talking and connecting, Artemis gives you a gift. You say thank you and your goodbyes, knowing she is always there for you, all you need to do is call.

When you are ready, take three deep breaths and come back to the room.

Write down your experience. What message did she have for you? Did you notice anything particular in the forest? What was the gift she gave you?


How to connect with Artemis

Here are a few ways you can connect with Artemis.

Meditation/Drum Journey

Try to connect with Artemis through meditation or a drum journey. You can either try the meditation above or find another meditation.  Alternatively you can use the drum to journey to meet Artemis. To do this, either use your own drum with a fast beat or find a recorded drum journey, imagining you are at a big Oak Tree with an opening in it. Step into the Oak and set your intention to meet Artemis. Then make your way down into the ground below the Oak, going deeper and deeper until you arrive in your lower world. Here you will meet the Goddess. This is a journey and so anything could happen, just let it take its course. When you have finished meeting Artemis, make your way back the way you came, back into the Oak Tree. Write down everything you remember at the end.

Create an Altar

Decorate a shelf, box or table. A place where you can sit and connect with Artemis daily. Decorate it with things that you associate with her and come here daily to focus your intentions and build the energy in this sacred space.

Take a walk in the woods

As Artemis is associated with the wild woods, take a walk or sit in the forest. Surrounded by the trees and nature. Just be and connect to her.

Trance Dance

Get to know your inner wild with trance dancing. Find some trance music or music such as drumming that will take you on a journey to your wild self. Relax and just start moving your body to the beat of the music. Let it all go and go with the flow.

Listen and Observe

Listen, observe and connect to the animals.

How Artemis can help you

Artemis will set you free! She will help you find your true self, your wild self, the one that has been waiting for you to set it free and live life to the fullest. Helping you connect to nature, to the animals and the spirit of the forest. She will help you to let go, become your authentic self and help you to be proud of who you are and not be ashamed.

Call on her when you need to heal within, to help you connect deep with nature and within yourself to your true spirit. When you are having issues with anxiety and worrying about what people are thinking of you, she will help you to remember who you are. Call on her when you are in need of justice and she will advise you. Call on her when you just need to be free!

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