Shamanic Healing


What is Shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing goes back thousands of years across the world in different cultures. It’s a form of energy healing as shamanism is based on ‘everything is energy’ and therefore energy can become unbalanced. Shamanic healing helps to balance your energy helping you to become happy and whole again.

Shamans originally were an important part of the tribe and are said to contact the spirit by journeying to the spirit realms with help by their guides. Today trained shamanic practitioners essentially do the same. Calling on their guides to help them journey and bring back advice to their client.

Shamanic Healing session

At the beginning of the session a consultation will take place. Assessing yours needs and what you hope to gain from this healing. I will then explain what I will do in the healing session. You will then be asked to lay on the couch (fully clothed) and to close your eyes to relax. I will then connect to spirit, my guides and yours to help with the healing process. Throughout the healing I may use smudging (e.g. burning sage and blowing the smoke around you), drums, rattles, chanting, feathers and/or hands on/off healing depending on where my guides guide me.

At the end of the session I will give any advice that I may have picked up from spirit/guides (if any) and you are always welcome to contact me afterwards if you have any questions.

These sessions are here to help you balance your energy and help heal issues you may have that are affecting you. They are here to help you heal yourself as you must be willing to let go of your issues and to heal.

Please note not all sessions are completely the same as I am guided by spirit.