Who are the Archangels?

Archangels are powerful spiritual beings who are here to help us. They are pure love and light and will surround you with unconditional love and support. Each Archangel has a different role and will help you in a particular area they specialize in such as healing or protection.

What does Archangel mean?

The word Archangel comes from the Greek Arkhangelos. Arkh meaning ‘Chief’ or ‘First’ and Angelos meaning ‘Angel’. Therefore the word Archangel means ‘Chief Angel’ or ‘First Angel’.

What is an Archangel?

An Archangel is a powerful spiritual being. A guardian, protector and teacher. Here to help the Human world and protect it, to help and protect us all including the animals, plants and Mother Earth.

Who are the Archangels?

The difference between Angels and Archangels

Angels are spiritual beings and are messengers of God/Spirit/Universe, here to help people in their time of need and to look over the people of Earth. Guardian Angels are asked for their help often and will help you when ever you need it. The word Angel can also refer to any of the Angels, weather its an Archangel, Cherubim or Guardian Angel.

Archangels are powerful spiritual beings and are a specific ranking Angel and are Chief Messengers or Angels who direct the Angels below them such as a Guardian Angel or just sending an Angel to give a message. They have also been entrusted with the well being of the Human world. They have specific roles as well, such as Archangel Michael who is the Angel of protection, strength and courage or Archangel Raphael who is the Angel of Healing.

So what is the difference between Angels and Archangels? Angels are the messengers and watchers of God/Spirit/Universe on Earth and Archangels are the guardians and leaders of the Heavens and Humanity as a whole with specific roles. Everyone has a Guardian Angel they can call upon anytime for help, but you can also call upon an Archangel for help with a specific issue and asking the corresponding Archangel for that help. For example, if you are unwell then you can call upon Archangel Raphael for some healing to help you through your illness and to recover more quickly.

The Main 7 Archangels

There are 7 main Archangels and they are fairly well known. There are in fact a lot more that 7 Archangels but these are the main ones and the ones I personally go to first.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the Angel of protection, strength and courage. His name means ‘He who is like God’. Also known as the Warrior Angel, Angel of Strength and Saint Michael. He is powerful yet gentle and loving. Call on him when you need to be protected, need strength in a situation or courage. He will also clear and cleanse you of negativity and help you let go of anything that may no longer serve you.

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is the Angel of Healing. His name means ‘God heals’. Gentle and loving with beautiful healing energy he will help in any way when it comes to healing the mind, body and spirit. He helps anyone in the medical profession, helping them to do their job as well as anyone who asks for healing. Call on him whenever you need healing for yourself, someone else or to help the doctor who is treating you or another.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of messages, communication, creativity and children. His name means ‘God is my strength’. He is loving, warm and understanding and will help you to communicate clearly in all types of forms and help with your creativity such as art, writing and crafting.   He looks after children, helping them on their path as well as help parents/care givers with their children or children they may look after or teach. Call on him when you wish to be inspired, to help you with your communication or with children.

The main 7 Archangels
Seven Archangels, from left to right: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel (Camael), Raphael, Jophiel and Zadkiel. Stained glass made in 1862 at St Michael and All Angels Church, Brighton, East Sussex, England. Antiquary, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is the angel of wisdom, transformation, Nature, peace and tranquility. His name means ‘God is light’ or ‘Fire of God’. He is wise like Merlin and will help you find the answers within.  He will help you when you need to find peace, love and understanding. Help you to forgive others or to find forgiveness for yourself. He is the Archangel of the Earth and watches over the elementals as they work to help and heal the planet.

Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of love, relationships and compassion. His name means ‘He who sees God’. He is powerful, loving and comforting and will help you with self love, loving others, all your relationships and help you be compassionate. He will also support and comfort you in times of trouble or grief.

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel is the Angel of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, joy and laughter. His name means ‘Beauty of God’. He is so warm, loving and joyful and will help you feel joy, love, laughter and happiness. He will also help on your spiritual path. Call on him when you feel down and need cheering up or you wish to have more joy in your life.

Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel is an Angel of the Seventh Ray, the Ray of Freedom, Alchemy and Divine Transmutation. The Angel of mercy, tolerance and forgiveness and his name means ‘The righteousness of God’. Archangel Zadkiel also works with and is the keeper of the Violet Flame. He is loving and gentle, but strong and will help you let go of any negativity you are holding and cleanse and clear you, transmuting it into positive. He will also help you to connect more deeply with the divine.

Archangel Symbols

Archangels Symbols
Archangel Michael Sword of Truth, Shield, Armor, Spear, Blue/Purple/Silver Wings
Archangel Raphael Staff, Caduceus, White Feathers, Bowl, Bottle
Archangel Gabriel Trumpet, Horn, Scriptures
Archangel Uriel Flaming sword, Flame in hand, Scrolls, Chalice, Celestial Orb
Archangel Chamuel Heart, Pink Ray
Archangel Jophiel Ball of light, Sword with flames, Lotus
Archangel Zadkiel Violet Flame, Knife

Archangel Colors

Archangels Colors
Archangel Michael Blue, Purple, Silver
Archangel Raphael Green, Pink
Archangel Gabriel Yellow, Orange, Gold, Copper
Archangel Uriel Purple, White, Gold, Orange
Archangel Chamuel Pink, Red, White
Archangel Jophiel Yellow, Orange
Archangel Zdkiel Blue/turquoise, Violet, Lilac, Silver

Archangel Directions

The Four Archangels that are associated with the directions/cardinal points and elements are Archangel Michael (South/Fire), Archangel Raphael (East/Air), Archangel Gabriel (West/Water) and Archangel Uriel (North/Earth). Each Archangel is a guardian of each direction and has attributes associated with each. They all have different energies and send these energies to us through light rays.

There is a Jewish bedtime prayer called Kriat Shema, which has a phrase about the Archangels and their directions as follows:

‘In the name of God, the God of Israel
On my right is Michael, on my left is Gabriel
In front of me is Uriel, behind me Raphael
And all above, surrounding me, Shekinah’

It is sometimes called ‘the Angel song’ and invokes the four Archangels to be present. Michael (Who is like God), Gabriel (God’s Strength), Uriel (God’s Light), Raphael (God’s Healing) and Shekinah (The Divine Presence).

This really is a beautiful prayer you can say before you go to bed and imagine the Archangels and the Divine around you. If you would like to hear the song which is also very beautiful, click here.

Archangel Directions
Mosaics of the four archangels in St John’s Church, Boreham Road, Warminster, Wiltshire, England. James Powell and Sons of the Whitefriars Foundry, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you ready to connect with the Archangels?

Now you know who the main 7 Archangels are, I really hope you can start to connect to them and get to know them. To ask for their help and guidance and bring them into your life. The more you get to know them, the more you will become connected, intuitive and happier in your life. The Archangels are so beautiful, powerful and loving, they will enhance your life in many ways. Bringing you joy, happiness and connection to the Divine.

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