Jasmine Absolute

Jasmine absolute

Jasmine Absolute Profile

Latin Name: Jasminum sambac or Jasminum Officinale

Jasmine absolute

Origins: India, China, Egypt, France

Extraction method: Solvent extraction

Plant part: Flowers

Scent: Strong, intense floral fruity scent

Color: Orange Brown

Middle to base note: This means it can take a few minutes for you to smell the scent on your skin, but it lasts. If mixing with other oils, you will smell this after the top note has evaporated.

Properties: Antidepressent, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Aphrodisiac, Cicatrisant, Expectorant, Galactogogue, Parturient, Sedative, Uterine.

Cautions: Must be avoided in pregnancy. Recommended no more than 4% dilution in topical use.

Jasmine  Absolute has a very floral fruity intense aroma, which both sexes would enjoy. It is known as the King of Essential Oils as it has a more masculine scent than Rose which is known as the Queen of Essential Oils.

It is originally from/native to Persia and Kashmir and was brought to Europe via Spain in the 17th Century. Jasmine is now in quite a few countries and has different meanings to each of them. In India it symbolizes Divine Hope, China, the sweetness of women. Hindu traditions Jasmine is ‘the perfume of love’. The Love God of India (Karma) used Jasmine to dip his arrow in which was used to strike the heart through the senses.

Jasmine Absolute is extracted through Solvent Extraction. The Oil is extracted from the flowers and it takes a lot of flowers to even produce a small quantity, making Jasmine Absolute expensive.

Jasmine Absolute has a variety of benefits but is mostly used in cosmetics. Especially for perfume. Its calming and uplifting helping with anxiety and depression, helps to relax you and is a good antiseptic and wound healer.

Benefits of Jasmine Absolute

Endoctrine System

Jasmine Absolute helps with child birth and labor pains. Especially the early stages. It can strengthen the contraptions but also relieve the pain. It also helps with post natal depression as it balances the hormones and helps to calm and uplift.

It also helps with cramping and painful menstruation. As an antispasmodic it helps relieve uterine muscle spasms and in turn helps the pain.

Jasmine Absolute can help with menopause due to its hormone balancing abilities. Helping once again with any depression that may arise as it is uplifting and calming but it also can help with hot flushes.

Skin Care and Wounds

Jasmine Absolute can help with many skin ailments. It helps dry and oily skin and is also good for sensitive skin as its gentle. It helps with wound healing and softens scars and stretch marks.

This study (1) shows that Jasmine helps with psoriasis, which is a condition that drys the skin out leaving it scaly.

Mental and Emotional

Jasmine Absolute is a very good anti depressant and will help conditions such as depression, anxiety, mental stress, nervous exhaustion, fear, grief and sadness, insecurity, loss of self confidence, emotional distrust and shock. Helping to calm and relax the mind, but also uplift and boost confidence. It helps you to stay alert but calms you which is why it is so good for depression, especially if you are suffering from lethargy too.

In this study (2) it shows that Jasmine has an affect on the beta waves of the brain helping positive emotions such as the feelings of well being and negative emotions such as feeling drowsy were helped as it significantly reduced this. In its conclusion they also mention that this could help develop medicines for mood disorders with less side effects.

Jasmine Absolute is also an aphrodisiac and affects the mind and the senses.


Jasmine Absolute calms the mind but helps with clarity. This makes it perfect for meditation and spiritual work. Helping to relax, enhance your spiritual awareness and help clarify any visions that may come to you. It has a divine energy and will connect you to the divine and to the angelic realms.

Helping you to open your heart to unconditional love and compassion. To give and to receive. Giving you peace. Peace of mind and peace within.

Benefits of jasmine absolute

How to use Jasmine Absolute

Oil Burner/Diffuser: Add a couple of drops of the oil in an oil burner or diffuser to fill the room with the aroma. As you breathe in the scent, you will be come clam and relaxed. Ready to for anything.

Inhaler: Add a few drops to a personal inhaler. You will be able to breathe in the oil when ever you feel in need of it, in such times like feel anxious or needing to feel calm. This is a handy little tool as you can take it anywhere with you, so always have it ready for use!

Skin Lotion/Body Oil: You can buy skin lotion bases, which have no fragrance or a base oil such as Sweet Almond Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil and add a few drops of Jasmine Absolute to it. You can then use this to moisturize your skin or apply to scars and stretch marks. (Recipe below).

Anointing Oil: By adding a few drops of Jasmine Absolute to a carrier oil such as Grapeseed, you can have your very own anointing oil. You can then apply it to your skin as its been diluted. Place on the temples and wrists. Breathe in the scent and relax. This will help calm your mind and help you connect to the divine.

Recipes for Jasmine Absolute

As well as the ingredients below, you may also need a funnel to pour liquids into the bottles and other utensils for mixing.

Body Oil

236ml/8oz bottle. Dark in color preferably to preserve the essential oils and glass if possible. But plastic will do if it is a number 1 or 2.

236ml/8oz Fractionated Coconut Oil

20 drops Jasmine Absolute

Add half the Coconut Oil to the bottle, then add the Jasmine Absolute and then add the rest of the Coconut Oil. Shake the bottle well and its ready to go! Apply to your skin as and when needed. This will help moisturize and keep the skin healthy as well as give you a sense of calm.


You will need to purchase an inhaler for this. You can buy these at Plant Therapy or from places such as Amazon.

How to use jasmine absoluteApply 10 to 15 drops of the Jasmine Absolute onto the white wick. Place the wick back into the inhaler and you can then breathe in the scent from the top. When not in use, apply the lid and store in a cool dark place.

This is a simple method of using oil for mental/emotional issues. When you feel you need a pick me up or to be calmed, take the inhaler and breathe in the scent. Sit and just relax taking it all in. The Jasmine will help calm you as well as keep you alert and ready to get on with your day. You can keep this anywhere such as your purse so you can get to it any time you need it! This will last about three months and then you can just re-apply the oil.

If you do not have an inhaler and need a pick me up you can put a couple of drops of Jasmine Absolute onto a cotton ball and breathe in the scent this way,. However this is is a one off use, so investing in an inhaler is useful as they will last for three or four months and you can then re-apply the oil. Especially as Jasmine is one of the more expensive oils.

Anointing Oil

30ml/1oz bottle preferable glass and dark in color to preserve the essential oils.

30ml/1oz Carrier Oil – Such as Jojoba which I like for this or you can use Grapeseed oil/Almond Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil

3 drops Jasmine Absolute

3 drops Rose Absolute

Pour the carrier oil into the empty bottle, add the Essential oils and shake well. You now have your very own anointing oil with the King and Queen of Essential Oils! This will help calm your mind and connect you to the divine. Help you to meditate and help with any spiritual workings.


The price of Jasmine Absolute is very expensive. This is because it takes a lot of flowers to produce the tiniest amount of oil as well as the labor to carefully pick the flowers.

If you can afford this oil I would highly recommend it as its such a good oil and helps a lot with emotional needs. If it is too pricey for you, you could always buy the smallest size or you can buy a diluted version. The diluted version is basically the Jasmine Absolute put into a carrier oil. This Oil is normally called Jasmine Absolute dilution. It will give you the percentage of the dilution and what carrier oil it is diluted in. This oil is ready to be applied to the skin straight away and you could use this as an anointing oil. You can also add this to an inhaler or an unscented skin lotion.

Safety Precaution when using Essential Oils

Please stick to the guidelines on amounts above when using and mixing oils as overuse can cause problems, especially in children. Do not ever apply essential oils neat on the skin or use internally. Only ever mix in a base/carrier oil. Do not use on small children. Test patch the diluted oil (and any other ingredients mentioned above for making your own products) on skin to check for allergic reaction. If in event of an allergic reaction wash the area and seek medical advice.

Where to buy

I buy my oils from Plant Therapy . I love them because they are high quality, therapeutic grade and affordable. I have put a couple of links below, just click on the pictures to be taken to the page. You can also purchase the carrier oils from them too as mentioned in recipes above. If you wish to purchase elsewhere, try to pick therapeutic grade as these are pure and good quality and you will get the full benefits of an essential oil.

To purchase or for more information on each item, click on the images.







Final Thoughts

Jasmine Absolute is the king of essential oils. Although expensive as it takes a lot of energy and flowers to produce it has so many wonderful benefits. Especially for mental and emotional issues, this oil is a great one to have. Relieving anxiety and depression, stress, grief and so much more. If you can afford this oil, then it is a must have for your collection.


Study 1 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5435909/
Study 2 https://www.researchgate.net/publication/236235613_The_effects_of_jasmine_Oil_inhalation_on_brain_wave_activies_and_emotions/


Disclaimer: The contents of this article is for information only and using any of the methods suggested is at your own risk. Always consult a doctor with any medical condition you may have, especially if you are trying new complimentary medicines.

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