Ostara, Spring Equinox

Ostara is the celebration of the coming of spring and is normally celebrated on the Spring Equinox, falling between 20th March to 23rd March in the Northern Hemisphere and 20th to 23rd September in the Southern Hemisphere, depending where the sun is. It marks the first day of spring and is also known as the vernal equinox. Day is equal to night and in balance. From this point onwards the days become longer and gradually the light overcomes the dark.

It is a time of new life, new beginnings, fertility and growth. As the day is balanced with night and day, it also serves as a good time for us to be still and find balance within our own lives.

The Goddess is now fully awake and the Earth is fertile and ready for new growth and play. She is a maiden, young, adventurous and free. She is just beginning to become sexually mature and is in love with the young God, who is also in love with her.

New life is starting to show, flowers, buds and blossoms on tree start to grow. Birds are singing more and more, readying their nests for their future young.

This is a time to plant seeds, start new projects, set goals and take action on the first steps towards our dreams. This is a time to be young at heart, embracing our inner child and to enjoy life, making time for fun and play.


The Goddess Ostara

Ostara (Eostre) meaning East, is a Germanic Goddess of fertility, the dawn and new beginnings. Her symbols are the hare and egg, both symbols of fertility. We do not know much about her as the only mention of her anywhere is in the text from Bede, who was a Christian Monk in the 8th Century that wrote about the Anglo Saxon religion and practices. He writes that she was a Goddess of theirs who gave her name to the month April (Eosturmonath) in which they honored her with celebrations in that month.

Later on in 1835 Jacob Grimm wrote a book on Teutonic Mythology and from the name Eostre came to the conclusion that it translates into Ostara from looking at the current German for the month of April and so on.

In 1875, Adolf Holtzman writes his conclusions on Ostara in his book Deutsche Mythologie and states:

The Easter Bunny is inexplicable to me; probably the hare is the animal of the Ostara; there is a rabbit in the picture of Abnoba.’

Abnoba is a Celtic Goddess of the hunt and therefore connected to wild animals. From here stories developed of Ostara regarding the hare that lays eggs at Easter and others.

Goddesses of Spring

Artemis – Greek Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, vegetation, childbirth, nature and the moon.

Ostara – Germanic Goddess of spring, fertility, dawn and new beginnings. Aidan Kelly renamed the Spring Equinox festival with her name and so some called this festival Ostara.

Saraswati – Hindu Goddess of art, music, flowing waters, abundance, wisdom and learning, who has her own spring festival in India.

Goddesses of spring

Gods of Spring

Osiris – Egyptian God of fertility, agriculture and the afterlife. Associated with the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Freyr – Norse God of the spring, fertility, prosperity and peace. Associated with renewal of life and regeneration of the Earth.

Dionysus – Greek God of spring, wine, fertility and ecstasy. Wild and unpredictable and could bring pleasure or destruction

Gods of spring

Ostara Symbols

Hares, Eggs, Snakes, Flowers, Baby animals, Butterflies, Faeries.

Colors & Flowers

Greens, Light blues, Pink, Yellow, Roses, Tulips, Iris’, Violets, Any flowers which are in bloom where you are.

Ostara symbols

Meditation to meet the Spring Goddess

Before you begin the meditation, take some time to think of some things you wish to achieve this year or what you want to manifest. You can write them down now or just make a mental note in your mind.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

Imagine you are in beautiful forest clearing surrounded by trees. The trees have fresh green leaves and some have blossoms starting to emerge. There are daffodils and other early spring flowers dotted about.

You feel at peace here. But you can also feel the awakening energy that’s come about. Birds and animals are really starting to wake up and new beginnings feel fresh and alive!

You really would love to meet the spring goddess and welcome her and the spring.

As you think about this, a lady appears, it is the spring goddess. She smiles at you and waves to you to come over.

You approach her and she says ‘Welcome! I am so glad you are here!’

You say hello and tell her how much you wanted to meet her and welcome her into your life.

She now gives you a message.

Meditation to meet the spring goddess

When she is finished, ask any questions you wish to ask her.

After your conversation she then gives you a gift of three seeds and tells you

“These seeds will help grow your dreams. Think carefully about what you wish to achieve this year and then plant each seed with your intention. Nurture them and take the steps you need to, to help them grow and become ripe with the fruit you wish to harvest.’

You say thank you and then she smiles and disappears.

You can either plant your seeds now in this clearing or wait until you have finished here.

When you are ready, take three deep breaths and come back to the room.

Write down your experience. What was the Spring Goddess like? What was her message for you?

You can also draw your seeds you planted and name each one with your dream or intention. You could also plant real seeds in a pot or garden with your intentions and make sure you nurture them. Remember to take inspired action on these dreams and wishes through the year!

Click here to listen to the meditation on YouTube.

Ostara ritual

Ostara Ritual

Set up a small altar with candles, something to represent the young Goddess and God, flowers and incense and anything else you feel drawn to that honors the spring equinox.

Light the candles and ask the four directions to be present to protect you in a circle.

Start by welcoming the spring. You could just say some simples words such as:

Welcome spring,

New life has just began,

We celebrate with joy and fun!

Or you could sing, drum or even write a poem. Do what feels right for you. Feel the energy as you do this.

Once you have acknowledged and welcomed the spring, do the meditation above. Remember to write down your experience and your goals/things you want to manifest this year. If you wish to plants seeds to represent these goals, do this here, water them and ask the Goddess to look after and nurture them, helping them to sprout and grow strong. Place them somewhere, where they will do well and attend to them when needed.

You can then add anything here you wish in honor of this day and turn of the wheel. Some suggestions are, chanting, drumming and crafting.

When you are ready, close the circle by thanking the Goddess, God and the directions.

Go out and place an offering to the Earth. This could be food, a piece of your hair, some herbs or salt. Whatever you feel drawn to will be right for you. Give your thanks as you do this, knowing that the Goddess and God watch over you and all is well.

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