Angel Therapy®


Angel Therapy is a spiritual healing method that involves working with your guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life. Angel Therapy also helps you to receive Divine Guidance clearly.

Everyone has guardian angels and they are here to help you.  When we open up to them and connect we become more at peace and balanced.

This is a wonderful gentle energy, healing with the Angels, helping to balance mind, body and soul, to calm and relax you. Calling on the Archangels to send angelic healing energy to you, along with visualizations to clear blocks and guidance.

A session of an Angel reading could include the following:

Chakra Balance – Specifically working on the Chakras, using Angelic energy and crystals to balance each Chakra which will in turn help you to be balanced and whole again.

Angelic Healing – Calling on the Archangels to help send healing to you, to balance mind, body and soul.

Energy Clearing – Clearing away any negative energy and anything that no longer serves you with a willingness to let go.

Etheric Cord Cutting – this helps to cut cords to attachments that do no serve you to people, objects and situations. This is a powerful technique, which you can also visualise yourself.

Etheric Vacuuming – Helping you clear away negativity, attachments and toxins from mind, body and soul. This is a powerful technique, which you can also visualise yourself.

In a session I will use Angel cards to connect to the Angels and your guardian Angel to help determine which course of action (one or a few of the above) is best to help you. I will advise you what I feel will be best at this time and explain which methods I will use. You will then lay on the couch (fully) clothed and I will begin with the healing session. Afterwards we will discuss anything that may come up and you are always welcome to ask questions even after the session is over.

Each session is unique and I am guided by the Angels as to what is best at the time of the healing.

Please note: This is not a clairvoyance reading. I use the cards to only connect and see what help in a healing way can help you.



White wings and radiating light