Who are the Angels?

Angels are spiritual beings here to help us all.  They are pure light energy and you may see them as balls of light or as human with wings. There are many ways in which they will show themselves to you and whichever way that is, then it is right for you. They can guide us, heal us and help us with many things, but for this to happen we need to ask for their help.

If you look up the word Angel you will find it means “Messenger of God”. They are all messengers of the universal source and all have different traits and abilities specializing in a certain area to help you.

Now you may think that they belong to one certain religion, especially as their name means “Messenger of God”, however they do not. They are mentioned throughout time in many different places around the world. From the Bible to the Koran, to Ancient Egypt and Sumeria. They have no religion and you do not need to be religious in any way to commune with them. They make no judgments and will show you unconditional love.

Who are the Angels?

Hierarchy of Angels

According to Judaism and Christianity there are 9 types of Angel and they have a hierarchy. I have listed the names as they are from Christianity to make it easier. These are as follows:


The Seraphim Angels encircle God, the Source of all life and are the closest Angels to him. The name Seraphim means ‘Fiery Serpents’ and so this is what they are considered to be. There is a total of four Seraphim Angels and they are known to have four heads and six wings. They are Angels of purification and will help with clearing energy and bring about balance.

Cherubim (Cherub)

The Cherubim Angels are wise and loving beings who are very powerful. They are the keepers of celestial records. They will help you with facing your shadow and letting go of anything that you no longer need to make room for the new and the wonderful you deserve. Helping you forgive yourself and others to move on with your life.


The Thrones Angels are God’s chariot and appear to be great bright wheels covered with eyes. They are considered celestial governors and are Angels of justice, helping maintain balance between matter and spirit and cosmic harmony of all universal laws.


The Dominations/Dominions are Angels of creation as they help with the ordering of the Universe. They lead the Angels below directing them with duties to maintain the cosmic order.

Hierarchy of Angels
The Assumption of the Virgin by Francesco Botticini (1475-76) at the National Gallery London, shows three hierarchies and nine orders of angels, each with different characteristics.


The Virtues Angels are known as ‘the shining ones’ and bestow blessings from spirit. They look after the elements and all of Nature, including the seasons, the moon and sun. The Virtues help with courage, grace and strength with life’s struggles.


The Powers are Warrior Angels, helping defend Humans and the Cosmos from Evil spirits and keeping order between Heaven and Earth.  They guard the celestial byways between the realms. They are also known as the Angels of birth and death.


The Principalities Angels rule and look after the universe. Guardians of the Earth, watching over it and everyone, every animal and all life. Seen as rays of light, they manage Earthly duties and the Angels below them.


The Archangels are the Angels that look after Humankind. The most well known ones are Michael, Raphael and Gabriel.


Angels deliver messages to individuals and help protect households and individuals from evil and other sorts of dangers. They will nurture, counsel and heal people and Guardian Angels are among them.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels

Everyone has a Guardian Angel and you can call on them any time you need help. They are pure love and light and are there waiting for you to ask them for their help as they really want to help you and can only do so when you ask!

You have free will and so they will not intervene unless in some major event where you really need help and you can’t ask for it and is meant to be. So ask your Angel to help you now. They can help you with anything, big or small and will be pleased to be of service to you.

How can Angels help me?

Angels can help with everything, no matter how big or small, if you ask they will help! So if you lose your keys, ask the Angels/Guardian Angel to help you find them. If you need a parking space, ask the Angels/Guardian Angel to help you. Thank them in advance knowing you will receive the outcome you want.

How to ask Angels for help

There are a couple of ways you can ask Angels for help and the simplest one is just ask! Ask out loud or in your head, ‘Angels please help me with (state what you need help with). Then thank them in advance for helping you knowing they will indeed help.

You can also ask a specific Angel to help you in a certain area, such as Archangel Raphael who is the Angel of Healing. If you are unwell, injured or have a mental issue for example, ask Archangel Raphael to send you healing, thanking him and imagining he is there with you surrounding you with healing light.

You can ask your Guardian Angel for guidance on a specific situation. Do a simple meditation to connect and see what message comes through or just ask for a message of anything you may need to know right now. Practice this and you will get a stronger connection everyday. Once you start this connection and keep it with daily or weekly practice, your life will change and you will become happier due to this connection.

How do Angels communicate with you?

Angels may communicate with you in many ways. They may talk to you or you might see an image of them while you are meditating or connecting with them through meditation. You might even hear a voice, either in your head or aloud. They may send you a sign such as a feather to confirm they are with you. You may even see an image of an Angel while you are out or hear music that answers your prayer. They can visit you in your dreams and send you messages through them. You may even feel them with you or around you by tingling or warmth through your entire body or just one area where they will touch you with their beautiful energy.

Other ways the Angels communicate with you is through people or animals. You may have asked them for some help and then a few hours later a person is actually giving you the answer to that question or you might see an animal that you rarely see. When you look up the symbolism for that animal it might be the answer you were looking for.

The key to communication is to be aware. Practice and focus on communicating with the Angels, seeing their signs and following their guidance. This will build confidence and you will then know and trust more and more when the Angels are trying to tell you something.

Signs of Angels visiting

Signs of Angels visiting

So how do you know if an Angel has visited you or is near? There are a few signs to look out for especially if you have asked them for some help. These signs can include the following:

Feathers, which may have dropped in front of you or would be somewhere where you wouldn’t normally expect to see one. A white feather especially can speak of an Angel near.

Pennies, found in unusual places, letting you know they are here to support you.

Flashes of light, sparkles in the corners of your eyes, light streaming around you.

Rainbows when its a clear sky and there hasn’t been any rain.

Direct messages, such as seeing a sign with something that means something to you or a book that falls off the shelf opening at a page that would mean something.

Tingling, goosebumps, chills or warmth or even the feeling of being touched.

Symbols and images in clouds.

Music or TV, a certain song may come on the radio which answers your question or you flick through the TV and stop at something that has answered the question you were thinking of at that moment.

Angel numbers such as 1111, 222, 888. You may notice the same number time and time again and this is the Angels communicating with you. Look up the number to find out what it means.

The feeling you are not alone. You may feel an invisible presence sitting next to you and you feel warmth and love.

Babies and animals may look at something and watch it cross the room, but it appears there is nothing there. This could be an Angel. In their presence animals and babies will be relaxed and happy.

If you see signs of Angels, stay aware and focus on communicating with them. Be present in the moment and relax to be open to their communication. Thank the Angels for their messages, signs and guidance.

Angels may offer you help and guidance but they respect your free will to choose whether you accept or reject their assistance. Remember you are the one interpreting their signs and messages and therefore choosing how to interpret them in a way that is appropriate for you.

First steps to connecting to the Angels

Now you have got to know who the Angels are, are you ready to let them into your life? If the answer is yes (and I hope it is), then your first step is to try and get to know them. You can do this by trying the following:

Creating an Altar, a place where you can sit or go in your home or outside and connect with them. You can have a simple place where you put a few objects that remind you of the Angels, such as feathers, Angel figurine, Angel wings and a candle. This will help you focus on your connection with them.

Meditation. Simply close your eyes, take three deep breathes and relax. Ask in your head or out loud ‘Angels please be with me. Please help me to get to know you and give me a sign or message that you are here.’ Then sit and see what happens. You may get an image or a message from them. You may feel a touch or warmth or tingling. Just sit for a while until you feel it is ready to stop. Thank the Angels for being there. If you didn’t feel or see anything, then that’s ok. Just know they are there and the more you practice, you will eventually notice them!

Look out for Angel numbers. Notice if you see numbers such as 1111, 2222 and so on. If you see these quite frequently, then the Angels are trying to communicate with you. Look up the Number and see what they are trying to say. You can do this by simply googling it or getting a Angel numbers book.

Having the Angels in your life is a blessing. They are such beautiful loving beings and will love you unconditionally. Ask them for help and they will answer your call.

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