How to know your Guardian Angel

A Guardian Angel is a spiritual being that helps you through life. They are pure love and light and will love you unconditionally. They are here to help you with anything, no matter how big or small and to guide you along your way. All you need to do is ask and they will help you.

Everyone has a Guardian Angel and the first step in how to know your Guardian Angel is to try and connect with them.

How to know your Guardian Angel

How to connect with your Guardian Angel

There are a few ways you can connect with your Guardian Angel and get to know them. Try some or all of the following methods to help you connect.

Create an Guardian Angel Altar

Find a small space where you can dedicate an area for your altar. This could be a shelf, small table or window sill etc. This should be somewhere, where you can go daily to sit and be quiet and undisturbed to connect to your Guardian Angel. You can dress the Altar with a nice cloth, some feathers, an Angel figurine, crystals, anything that reminds you or you associate with Angels. It doesn’t matter how small or how much you put on the Altar, its your intention that counts. Try to visit it daily and sit in quiet or put some nice music on and set your intention to connect. With practice you will start to feel the energy build and your Guardian Angel present.


Meditation is a wonderful way to connect with your Guardian Angel. Find a quiet spot, put on some relaxing music and take three deep breaths. Feel yourself relaxing, going deeper and deeper. Feeling at peace. Take another few deep breaths. Ask in your head or out loud, ‘Guardian Angel I would like to get to know you. Please send me a sign or a message that you are here.’ Sit in this space and see what happens. Do you feel anything? Do you have any images come into your mind or does your Guardian Angel speak to you and give you a message? Are there any Colors? Sit in this space for as long as you like. Thank your Angel for being with you. If you didn’t get anything first time, don’t worry. You just need to practice. The more you practice the more you will start to connect and get to know you Guardian Angel. You can even ask for your Angel’s Name!

Talking to Your Guardian Angel

Just start talking to your Guardian Angel. Tell them about your day, your desires, what you wish to achieve. Ask them for help and for signs they are with you. Pay attention and you will start to notice the signs they are near you and are listening.

Writing a letter to your Guardian Angel

Another way to connect with your Guardian Angel is writing them a letter. Start it just as you would start a normal letter, Dear Guardian Angel and then just let it flow. What do you wish to talk to them about? Write down some questions for them. Ask them for signs they are near. When you have finished writing your letter, leave it on your Guardian Angel Altar or a special place for them.


Dreams are a good way to connect with your Guardian Angel. Before you go to bed, ask your Angel to contact you through your dreams. You could even write a note to them asking them to connect with you and put it under your pillow. See what signs or dreams you have and remember to write down everything you can remember when you wake. The more you practice this the more you will notice and feel your Angel present and connecting with you.

How to connect with your Guardian Angel

How to speak to your Guardian Angel

It is very simple to speak to your Guardian Angel. The best way and the way I like to speak with my Angel is to meditate. I find that this way you can have more of a conversation with them and receive messages quickly. Just simply close your eyes, taking three deep breaths and setting your intention to connect with your Guardian Angel. Feel, see or sense them with you and then just start speaking to them.

Other ways are as I noted above, just by talking out loud or in your head to them or writing them a letter and asking them for signs.

What is my Guardian Angel trying to tell me?

Your Guardian Angel will be trying to tell you that they love you unconditionally and they are always here for you. They are here to guide you whenever you need their help. They want you to ask  for their help because they love you and want to help you so much!

Your Angel will also be trying to give you messages and signs in answer to your prayers and questions you have for them. So you need to pay attention to any signs you may have and then ask them for confirmation.

How does your Guardian Angel help you

Your Guardian Angel will help you with anything, no matter how big or small. They will guide you through life’s ups and downs, through important decisions and help you to find your life purpose and the right path for you to take. All you need to do is ask as they will not intervene unless asked to do so as you have free will. They also respect your free will to either take their advice or reject it and will love you unconditionally no matter what choices you make. You have to be the decider on what is ultimately best for you and your life and to interpret their guidance and it being appropriate for you.

How to ask Guardian Angels for help

There are a few ways you can ask your Guardian Angel for help. The simplest way is to just ask! You can either say out loud or in your head ‘Guardian Angel, please help me (state what you need help with) and then thank them in advance knowing they will help you.

You can also do a simple meditation to connect with them. Sit, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Ask you Guardian Angel to be with you. Feel, see or sense them there and then go ahead and ask them for what ever help you need. Have a conversation with them and see what messages they have for you. When you are done, thank them for their help.

Ask your Guardian Angel for a message in your dreams. Before you go to bed, ask them for help with what ever you need help with, you can say this out loud, in your head or even write it down on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow. When you awake the next morning, write down everything you remember from your dreams and look at what messages your Angel may be giving you.

Another way to ask for help is to write a letter/note to your Guardian Angel and put it on your Altar or special place. Always thank them in advance for their help knowing you will receive it. Pay attention to any signs you have that day answering your prayer.

Signs Guardian Angels are near

Signs Guardian Angels are near

Your Guardian Angel will most likely send you signs to let you know they are with you or to guide you when you have asked for help. The key is to pay attention to anything that could be a sign from them. Here are a few ways they will let you know they are here helping you.

Feathers, especially white ones appearing out of no where or where you wouldn’t expect to find them.

Clouds with symbols or images in them.

Pennies, where you wouldn’t expect them to be. Letting you know they are here supporting you.

Direct messages, such as reading a passage from a book or you meet someone that gives you the help you need when you have asked your Angel for help that very morning.

Light streaming around you, flashes of light, sparkles in the corners of your eyes.

Goosebumps, tingling, chills or warmth or even the feeling of being touched.

Angel numbers such as 1111, 2222, 444. Your Angel may use numbers to communicate with you. Different numbers mean different things. If you see the same numbers repeating a lot, then they are surely trying to tell you something. Look up the number either in a Angel Numbers book or you could use google.

TV or Music, a song may start playing while you are out letting you know your Angel is with you or as you flick through the TV you land on a channel that answers something you were thinking of in that moment.

The feeling you are not alone. You may feel something by your side and feel love and warmth. This could be your Angel letting you know they are here for you.

Rainbows when there hasn’t been any rain and its a clear day.

Are you now ready to connect to your Guardian Angel?

Now you know how to know your Guardian Angel, I really hope you take the time to get to know them and connect with them. Asking for their help and to just have their beautiful presence in your life is really a wonderful blessing. The more you get to know them, the more you will become connected, intuitive and happier in your life.

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      Try some of the suggestions in this article to meet your Guardian Angel. There is a meditation or you could write a letter. It will take practice though if you haven’t done anything like this before. I would suggest doing the guided meditation and seeing what messages come up for you. With time and practice you will start to connect with your Angel.

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