Samhain or more commonly known as Halloween is the start of the Celtic new year. It is the time when the veil is thin and the spirit world is close in contact with us. It is a time to remember and honor those who have passed and to celebrate the ending of summer,  considered the last day of harvest for the year, as although the days started getting shorter from the Autumn equinox, this is where they start to get darker towards winter.

The Goddess is a Crone and the God is in the underworld, waiting to be reborn and this is the time to go within. Looking at our shadows, meditating for inner wisdom and to rest.

Samhain Goddesses

Cerridwen (Welsh) is an enchantress and crone. She is a dark Goddess of rebirth, inspiration, wisdom and magic. She has a cauldron named Awen and is a symbol of rebirth as well as inspiration, like the womb. Going deep within, going into the dark and being reborn again.

Morrigan (Celtic) is a triple Goddess, meaning she has in her Maiden, Mother and Crone, which means she’s associated with both birth and death. She is a shapeshifter and a warrior. A Goddess of death, rebirth, destruction, wisdom, magic and strength. This time of year she is the the dark Goddess, the warrior and crone.

Kali (Hindu) is a dark Goddess of death, destruction and rebirth. She is a Mother Goddess and will help with the death of the ego. She is loving yet strong and fierce.

Hel (Norse) is a Goddess of the underworld. She is a Dark Mother Goddess and sometimes a crone.

Samhain Goddesses

Samhain Gods

Anubis (Egyptian) is a God of death, funerary rights, protector of graves and guide to the underworld. He is depicted as a dog headed man.

Loki (Norse) is a God of mischief. He is a shapeshifter and trickster.

Hades (Greek) is the God of the dead and King of the underworld. He took Persephone to the underworld to be his wife.

Samhain Gods

Samhain Symbols

Jack-O-Lanterns, Apples, Black Cats, Besoms and Gourds.

Samhain Colors and Flowers

Black, Silver, Gold, Orange, White, Chrysanthemums, Marigolds, Rowan berries and Pomegranate

Samhain Symbols

Samhain Meditation

Sit and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths, relaxing yourself. Imagine you are at a foot of a tall mountain and in front of you is a cave. It looks very ancient as you notice there are symbols carved or painted on the rock near the entrance. What symbols are they? You feel that this is a place of the ancestors, where they once dwelled used etc. You decide to enter the cave. It is very dark but as your eyes adjust you notice a light coming from the right side. You walk towards it and you realize it is a doorway so you enter.

The corridor you have entered starts to light up slightly as there are fire lamps on the walls. As you continue walking along this corridor, it starts to get cold. After you have walked for a while the corridor comes to an opening and you know there are people inside. You hear, smell, sense it. You walk slowly towards the opening and in front of you are a group of people sitting around a fire. There are paintings on the wall, symbols. Notice what they are. As you are watching these people, one turns and looks at you. They smile and say ‘We have been expecting you, welcome. Come now, join our circle.’ You join their circle and they are all very pleased to see you. You say hello to them all and ask who they are. The one that spoke to you before says ‘ We are your ancestors from many generations. We are here to support you, guide you if you wish us to help. We love you dearly. Let us celebrate your arrival.’ They then get out a big drum and some others also have drums, rattles and bells. They start drumming and chanting. You feel so much love and know the chanting. You recognize it, although you do not know how. You join in with the music etc.

After a while, the music stops and the person that spoke before asks you whether you have any questions for them. Here ask what you wish to know from them. Take as long as you need. After you have had your conversations, thank them all. One of them then gives you a gift to take back with you. What is this gift? Who gave it to you? After you have given thanks again, the one that spoke to you in the beginning says ‘Remember we are always with you. Call on us whenever you need help and we will assist you. Goodbye for now sweet child.’ You say goodbye and make your way back to the beginning of the cave and out to the entrance.

Take three deep breaths, feeling yourself back to the now. Peaceful and calm, knowing that your ancestors are always with you to support and protect you. Know you just need to call on them for help.

Write down your experience and anything that may have come up. What did you feel when you entered the cave? Who were your ancestors? What did they look like? Did you get names? What were the symbols or paintings in the walls? What do you think these mean? Try to feel what they mean and then maybe look up symbols etc and see if there are messages for you. Remember you can do this meditation anytime to connect with your ancestors.

Samhain Ritual

Samhain Ritual

Set up a small altar with candles, something to represent the the Great Mother, Ancestors, flowers and incense. You can also have a small jack-o-lantern for this time of year as well as and any other place you feel drawn to have one.

Light the candles and ask the four directions to be present to protect you in a circle. Then call on the Great Mother Goddess either by just saying words, chanting or drumming. Feel her energy and sit with it a little while. Then call on your ancestors and ask them to be with you. Feel them enter your space.

Then start the meditation above and write down your experience. Once this is finished, you may want to light a candle in your ancestors honor, chant, sing, etc. Do what feels is right for you. Just go with the flow, building energy and honoring them. Thank them for being with you on this night and always.

Add anything else you would like to. When you are ready, close the circle by thanking the Goddess, Ancestors and directions. Go out and place an offering to the Earth and the Ancestors. Food, a piece of your hair, some herbs or salt. Whatever you feel drawn to. If you are having a meal, set a place for the Ancestors with a plate of food.

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