Isis (Artist Unknown)

Isis is a Mother Goddess and is from the Egyptian Pantheon. Her Father is Geb (Earth God) and Mother is Nut (Sky Goddess). Wife to the God Osiris (King of Egypt and the Dead) and Mother to Horus (Sun God). She was a devoted wife and mother and this makes her a good role model for all women as well as her skills as a magical healer and life giver. She was also known as the Mourner and is used in deity rites for the dead.

Compassionate, loving and tender, she comforts and protects all as a Mother. Helping women in childbirth, comforts them when a loved one passes and shows them they have inner strength they thought they never had.

A great healer, she helps those who are sick or in need of some healing, mind, body and spirit. Helping healers also in their work. Showing you to take responsibility for your own healing and guiding you and empowering you to awaken your healing abilities.

Isis is the divine feminine and is the embodiment of inner strength, compassion and love and reminds us to accept and acknowledge our emotions for both men and women.

Isis Correspondences


Gold, Silver, Blue, Black, Red, Green.


Full Moon, The Nile, Papyrus, Knots, Buckles, Stars, Ankh, Throne, Cow, Wings, Milk, Rattle/Sistrum, Crocodile, Snakes, Geese, Scorpian, Sparrowhawk/Kite, Scarabs.


Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, Ivory, Gold, Silver.


Cedar, Flax, Wheat, Barley, Lotus, All flowers, trees and green plants, Amber Oil, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Sweet Orange Cedar, Tamarisk, Balsam.

Meditation to connect with Isis

Find a place where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle and maybe put on some incense or oil burner/diffuser to focus. Sit, close your eyes and relax. Take three deep breaths. Set your intention to meet and connect with Isis. Say in your mind ‘My intention is to connect with Isis.’ Say this three times.

Imagine you are in a hot desert, the sun beaming down on you, sand all around and you can see for miles. Looking around you do not see much but sand, so you pick a direction and start to walk. As you walk through the sand you notice a Snake coming towards you. You are a bit weary at first and stop in your tracks. It is a Cobra and his head perks up as he displays himself. He then says to you ‘She has been expecting you, come with me.’ You follow him through the desert and into a large hole.

Dark surrounds you and you can not see anything but you still make your way forward. You then start to see some light and see that you are now in a corridor with fire torches hung on the walls. This is an Egyptian building of some sorts. You can not see the Cobra anymore, but you carry on forwards and come to a door. A voice then says ‘Enter’ and you enter the door into a room/chamber. What does this room look like?

In front of you is a large throne and Isis is sitting in it. She says ‘Welcome child, you wished to connect with me?’ You say ‘Yes, thank you for connecting.’ She then says ‘I am the giver of life, Mother to all. Creator and giver, nurturing all.’ She stands up and approaches you. Taking your hand she leads you to an altar. What does she do next?

Take sometime to interact with her. Listen, observe what she does, ask questions.

After a while and when you are finished talking and connecting, you thank her. She gives you a gift and hugs you telling you she is always here for you, just call when you need her. Then she develops wings and floats upwards and disappears.

When you are ready, take three deep breaths and come back to the room.

Write down your experience. Did you notice any pictures/symbols on the walls of the corridor or room?  How did Isis look ? What did Isis do when she took you to the Altar? Did she have a message for you? What was the gift she gave you?

Temple of Isis (Photographer unknown)

How to connect with Isis

Here are a few ways you can connect with the Goddess Isis.

Meditation/Rattle Journey

To connect with Isis you could meditate and use the meditation above or go on a Rattle journey. A journey is different from a guided meditation as you set your intention and then go with the flow and see where the rattle takes you. Use a rattle, shaking to a beat or find some rattle journey music. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine you are standing in front of an Oak Tree and there is an opening into it. Go through the opening and stand in the tree. Set your intention to meet Isis and then make your way down into the Earth under the tree. Spiraling down and down, going deeper and deeper until you reach the place you will meet her. Let the rattle take you on this journey and just go with whatever comes up. When you have finished meeting Isis, go back the way you came and finish outside the Oat Tree. Write down your experience.

Sit in Nature

Sit or have a walk in Nature, connecting to the Great Mother all around you. Soak up the sun as it beams down on your face.

Create an Altar

Dedicate a space to her. This can be a big or small space, whatever you feel is right for you. Decorate it with things that you associate with Isis and sit by it each day to connect.

Connect with an Ankh

Use an Ankh to connect with Isis. Place the Ankh on your heart and ask Isis to connect with you through this symbol.


Craft something in honor of the Great Goddess Isis, such as a figure or a symbol.

Isis Meditation
Isis & Son Horus

How Isis will help you

Isis will help you as a Mother would. She will love you unconditionally and help you whenever she can. She will help you through childbirth and parenting. Help you to heal yourself as well as others and guide you on your healing journey. She will teach you to accept your emotions and give you the strength to get through things. Call on her to help with your healing work, whether helping others or with inner work. When you are with child and to help you through birth and beyond. Call on her for strength, courage and acceptance. She will be there for you, guiding you along your path.

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