Sekhmet by Hrana Janto

Sekhmet, Egyptian Lioness Goddess. Daughter of the Sun God Ra, but also has been said to be the daughter of the Sky Goddess Nut and Earth God Geb.

She is the Goddess of the Sun, Lady of the Flame and Guardian of the gateway of rebirth. She is fierce but loving, protecting her own and those loyal to her, strong and powerful and will see hidden truths. Warrior, hunter and a healer.

Sekhmet will encourage you to live and follow your sacred path of inner integrity, help you to speak your truth and be honest and will empower you. She will help you with self healing and healing for others and will protect you.

A dark Goddess, she will help you with shadow work and to look deep within.

Sekhmet Correspondences


Gold, Yellow, Red, Orange.


Lioness, Lions, Sun, Sun Disk, Ankh, Egyptian Spitting Cobra, Septer formed from Papyrus (symbolizing the union of Heaven and Earth), Flames, Fire, Blood, Desert.


Red crystals such as Garnate, Ruby, Red Agates, Orange and Yellow crystals such Citrine, Orange Calcite, Topax, Tigerseye, Amber, Bloodstone.


Frankincense, Mrryh, Amber, Pomegranate, Copal, Dragons Blood, Red Sandalwood.

Meditation to connect with Sekhmet

Find a quiet spot, put on some incense or an oil diffuser, light a candle and close your eyes.  Take three deep breaths and relax. Hold your intention in connecting to Sekhmet. You could say this in your head three times, ‘My intention is to connect with Sekhmet.’

Imagine you are in a desert. Sand is all around you, the sun is high in the sky and its hot. In the distance you see pyramids. You start to make your way towards them as there is nothing else around. Although its a tiresome and long journey you know its worth it.

You finally get to the pyramids. There is one large one in the middle and two either side. You walk up the steps of the middle pyramid and enter it. Inside is quiet, painted with wonderful pictures and symbols. There is a door in front of you and you decide to walk up to it. It slides open and you hear a voice say ‘Enter’. So you enter and see a beautiful woman on a throne in front of you. ‘Who are you?’ the woman says. You answer her and state you are here to connect with Sekhmet. She nods for you to approach her and tells you she is Sekhmet. That is all she says and you wait in silence as you do not want to force anything. She then stands and starts to talk to you. What does she say?

Take this time to connect with her, listen to what she has to say and ask questions.

When you have finished connecting and she has gone and ready to go yourself, take three deep breaths and come back to the room.

Write down your experience. What did she say to you? Did you ask questions? Were they answered? What else happened?

Meditation to connect with Sehkmet
Sekhmet on the Temple of Kom Ombo

How to connect with Sekhmet

Here are a few ways you can connect with the Goddess Sekhmet.

Meditation/Rattle Journey

You can either use the meditation above or use a rattle to journey and connect with Sekhmet. If you do not have a rattle, try to find some rattle journey music to listen to. Sit close your eyes and while using your rattle or listening to the music, take three deep breaths and relax. Imagine you are standing in front of an Oak Tree and there is an opening. Step inside the tree and set your intention to connect with Sekhmet. You then make your way through a door at the back of the tree and descend down deep into the Earth. Going deeper and deeper and faster and faster until you come to the lower world. Here you will meet Sekhmet. This is a journey so it will take its own course. Once you have met Sekhmet, return the way you came back through the door to the Oak Tree.

Create an Altar

Find a place indoors or outdoors where you can create an altar for Sekhmet. This is a sacred place and will help you connect with her. Decorate it with things you associate with her, such as a Lioness, sundisk with a candle and some incense.  

Connect with an Ankh/Sun Disk

Find an Ankh or a sundisk, you can even have a piece of paper with the symbol on it in your hands. Close your hands around the symbol or place on your heart space. Close your eyes and ask Sekhmet to connect to you through the symbol.


Give an offering to the Earth, to the Sun, Animals etc. in honor of Sekhemt.

Sekhmet from the temple of Mut at Luxor granite, 1403-1365 BC

How Sekhmet will help you

Sekhmet will help you look deep within and give you the courage to look at your shadows. She will help and guide you through this healing process and give you strength and empowerment. She will help you speak your truth and empower you to be who you are meant to be and not shy away from the world. Helping you to become whole again, happy and complete. Call on her when you need courage and strength. When you wish to do shadow work. Call on her to help with healing yourself and others. Call on her for protection.

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4 thoughts on “Sekhmet”

  1. I work with Sekhem Reiki, channeling with Sekmet. I & she really enjoyed your intro to her, resonates a lot with the group healing we just transmitted. X

    • Hi,

      Thank you so much and I am so glad it resonated. I have always wanted to be attuned in Sekhem but never got around to it unfortunately. Maybe one day!

      Love & Light
      Charleen x

    • Hi,

      Yes, Sekhmet can try to connect to you if she wants to. If you think she did, she probably did. Look into how she tried to connect, or you could try and meditate and connect to her and see if she has a message for you.

      Love & Light
      Charleen x


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