Painting of Astarte at Sargent Hall, Boston Public Library

Astarte is the Great Goddess of the ancient Middle East and goes back to Neolithic and Bronze ages. She is a Goddess of war and love but she is also other things as time has gone on as she is connected to the Goddesses Ishtar, Hathor, Isis, Nut, Stella Maris, Venus and the Queen of Heaven. With these connections she is the Goddess of fertility and motherhood. She gave birth to the universe and all things. The giver of life, she rules the night, the sun, moon and stars. She looks out for us all and cares for us.

She is also the ruler of the spirits of the dead who reside in heaven (up in the stars) and is the Moon who is surrounded by her star children and known as the Mother of souls in heaven.

I came across this description of her, which I really do love and wanted to share it with you, however I do not know the author:

“She was the Mother of the Sun, Daughter of the Moon, Ruler of the Stars and Keeper of the Earth. In the beginning, Astarte was the whole.”

Astarte Correspondences

Other names

Queen of the Morning star, Queen of the Evening star, Our Lady of Byblos, Heavenly Virgin, Goddess of Light


Green, red, silver, pink, white


Rose quartz, Emerald, Ruby, Meteorite, Labradorite, Moonstone

Oils & herbs

Rose, Juniper, Pine, Cypress, Myrtle


Doves, Lions, Horses, Stars, Moon, Sun, Lotus flower, snakes, The planet Venus (the evening star), Papyrus, eggs

Meditation to connect with Astarte
Sculpture of Astarte

Meditation to connect with Astarte

Light a candle, put some incense and some relaxing music on, sit and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths and relax. Hold your intention in connecting to Astarte, the Great Mother Goddess. You could say this in your head three times, ‘My intention is to connect with Astarte.’

Imagine you are at a bottom of a mountain. It is a beautiful sunny day and you can hear the birds singing and there is a sense of peace all around.  You notice there is a path leading up the mountain and you take this path. Climbing higher and higher. As you climb a blanket of dark and stars come rolling across the sky turning it to night. You are amazed as it feels as though the Goddess has just covered you in love as the night starts.

You are now very near the top, a couple more climbs and you are there. Once you are at the top you notice you can see all around. You are at the top of the world looking down on all. Feeling amazed at the beauty all around you. You look up at the sky and see all the twinkling stars. Being here gives you a sense of peace and comfort.

You then notice a big bright star in the sky and as you notice this it suddenly starts moving and gets bigger and bigger. Its coming towards you. Bigger and bigger and it is there, in front of you. The bright light turns into a beautiful woman. This is the Great Goddess Astarte. She says ‘You wished to connect with me?’ You reply ‘Yes’. She smiles at you and says ‘Come’ and takes your hand. She then flies you up and up and out into the universe. You are hovering above the Earth and you can see the magnificence of the it all. The Earth, the Sun and the Stars. Astarte then talks to you giving you a message. When she has finished giving you this message you can talk to her and ask her other things if you would like.

Once you have finished your conversation, Astarte takes you back to Earth to the bottom of the Mountain. You thank her for connecting and she tells you ‘I am always here for you. All you need to do is call and connect and I am here.’ She then turns bright as a light and shoots up back into the sky as a star.

Feeling a sense of peace and awe and when you are ready to come back, take three deep breaths, feeling yourself back in the room.

Write down your experience. What was Astarte like? What was her message to you? Was there anything else in the meditation that you noticed that could be a message or a sign?

Astarte meditation

How to connect with Astarte

Here are a few ways you can connect with the Goddess Astarte.

Meditation/Drum Journey

Meditation is a wonderful way to connect with Astarte. Use the meditation above or you could do a drum journey. Drum journeys are not guided and you just set your intention and let the jjourney take you. Using a drum or finding some drum journey music, sit and set your intention to meet Astarte. Imagine you are in an Oak Tree and set your intention again to meet the Goddess. Make your way down into the ground, going deeper and deeper until you come to the place where you will meet her. Let the drum take you on your journey. Let it just flow. After you have met her, go back the way you came, back into the Oak. Write down your experience.

Create an Altar

Dedicate a special place to Astarte. It can be as big or small as you like, but somewhere that you can visit daily and focus on your connection. Decorate the space with things that you feel connect you to Astarte and remember to visit daily. You can even meditate in this space to make more of a connection.

Walk in Nature

Take a walk in Nature or sit by a Tree. Just be and feel the presence of the Great Goddess Astarte.

Star Gazing

Take a walk or find somewhere you can lay down and look up at the night sky to watch the stars. Feel Astarte with you, watching over you.

Wish upon a star

Know that Astarte is always with you and here to help you. Wish upon a star to connect to her and let her help you on your journey of life.

How Astarte will help you

Astarte will be a Mother to you. She will help you through tough times, be there for you in your joy and also tell you the truth. Helping you with having a child and your parenting skills. She will help you love and accept love and will love you unconditionally. Call on her when you need someone to talk to and she will listen. When you need to be comforted. Call on her when you need to accomplish something, such as a goal you have set yourself or something you wish to manifest and she will help you achieve this. Call on her when you just need a Mother figure.

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Continued Reading and Resources

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