New year, New start!

  So a new year begins! To help you have a new start and to get the most out of bringing in what you desire etc, it may help you to cleanse and clear any negativity you hold or anything that no longer serves you from 2017. It will also help acknowledging the lessons you … Read more


  The name Unicorn means in Latin Unus ‘One’ and Cornu ‘Horn’. The Unicorn is a mythical creature like a horse with a straight or spiraled horn extending from its forehead. The traditional Unicorn also has a billy-goat beard. They are  very close to the angelic and faery realms and so they come bringing pure … Read more


  Meditation is something I wish I could do more of but life takes over and there never seems to be time! However we must take time for this simple exercise. Even if its just 15 mins a day, we surely must have that! Meditation is such a wonderful way to switch off from the real … Read more


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