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Do you believe in angels? I definitely do!

Angels are here to help and guide us. They are here to give love and comfort and just to talk if that is all we need. Just ask!

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Angels are angelic beings of light coming from a higher dimension. People see them as balls of light, a human figure with wonderful white wings or orbs. There are many books on people en counting an angel which you can read up on if your interested. But why not meet your Guardian Angel? You can simply do this by meditation.

Angel Meditation

Put on some relaxing music, sit or lie down and start to relax. Imagine yourself in a beautiful meadow and there is a mountain near you. You can hear the birds singing and the bees buzzing. You can smell the wonderful scents of the flowers about you. You start to walk towards the mountain, once you come to the bottom you see there is a path going up. You decide to climb the mountain and take the path. As you climb higher and higher, winding around and round up and up, you breath in the cool fresh air, taking in the view around you. You may encounter animals along the way, if you do take note of them. You finally reach the top, and there at the top is a bright glowing light, you take a closer look and see that it is an escalator going up, up into the heavens. You decide to step on it. Up and up it takes you into the clouds and beyond. Up and up, higher and higher you go. Look around you, what do you see? Do you sense anything at all? You are now approaching the top, you step off the escalator and look around. What do you see? You hear the most wonderful music and decide to following it, its sounds like voices and harp strings and pianos, but you cant make it out entirely. Following the music you come to a big crystal building, you take the steps up to the doors and enter, there inside you see your Guardian Angel. You approach them and say hello. Talk to your angel, ask them their name, what are they here for and do they have a message? Talk to them for however long you wish. Once you have finished, thank them and say good bye. Make your way back to the escalator, step on the escalator to take you down, you are now at the top of the mountain, you walk back down the mountain taking note of any animals or flowers you may see. Once at the bottom, come back to the room and open your eyes. Remember to write down your experience, what you saw and what you felt if anything.

I hope you enjoyed that meditation. Please let me know of your experiences or if you have any questions contact me. Remember you can do this meditation as many times as you like to talk to your angel. Your Guardian Angel is there for you, all you need to do is ask for their help. They surround you day and night watching over you.

I will write more about Angels and the Archangels in future blogs. But for now i will leave you here. Remember you are always surrounded by your loving angels.

Angel Blessings

Charleen xx


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