New year, New start!


So a new year begins!

To help you have a new start and to get the most out of bringing in what you desire etc, it may help you to cleanse and clear any negativity you hold or anything that no longer serves you from 2017. It will also help acknowledging the lessons you may have learnt over the past year and being thankful and grateful for this and what you have in your life.

Get comfortable, put some relaxing music on or if you have a drum you could use this. Close your eyes, listen to the music or start drumming. Feel the music, the soft beat. Imagine roots growing from your base chakra and your feet, going deep deep into the earth. Once you connect to the core, breath up Mother Earth’s energy. Up into your base and up through all your chakras, bursting from your head and feel/see the energy tumbling down around you. Then imagine a white light above your head, see/feel the light come down into your crown, through your entire body and out down through your feet into the earth. You are now connected to above and below.

Now think of all the things you are grateful for in your life and anything that you may have gained or experienced in the past year. Thank the Universe/God/Goddess for the lessons you have gained, thank them for all that you have. A roof over your head, a job to pay your bills etc. Anything you can think of. Feel the gratitude you have.

Now to cleanse and clear your energy to make room for the new. Write down any specific things you want to leave behind or general things for example…

‘I let go of anything that no longer serves me. I let go of any negativity that I may be holding on to, any anger, anxieties, insecurities, I let it all go. I make way for the new coming into my life.’

Close your eyes, hold the paper in your hands and really mean to let go of it. In your mind or out loud, state ‘I let it all go’. Maybe repeat this a few times too, making it your intention to do this. Ask the Universe/God/Goddess/Guides to help you let go and cleanse your energy.

Then burn the paper, seeing it burn away and taking away all that no longer serves you. Transmuting it into something positive, freeing up your energy, making way for the new. Breathe. Feel your energy lighter and feel the hope you have for the future.

Now you have cleared your energy, you can now bring in the new by doing the following.

Ask the Universe/God/Goddess/Guides to help you achieve your dreams, specify what it is that you wish for this year. This could be having a successful business, or finding a new job. You can also ask them to bring you happiness and love into your life. Maybe help you to love yourself more. Ask and they will help you. Feel them, see it in your minds eye. Spend time drumming still or just sit with the music you put on. When you are ready, thank them again for helping you, take three deep breaths and feel yourself come back to the room.

Another thing you could do before you ask for help is a vision board! After you have thanked the Universe/God/Goddess/Guides for what you have received in the past year etc, start a vision board. You will need to be prepared for this part if you wish to include it in a ritual like above. Cut out pictures or words that you wish to bring into your life. For example, more money? Cut out some pictures of lots of dollars or want a new car? Cut a picture of the car you want. You want more happiness? Find a picture of you laughing, or picture of others laughing having fun, or simply the word happiness. You will need a board or piece of card to stick all your desires/hopes on as well. To start your board put in the middle ‘Whatever is contained on this board, IS!’ This is something I picked up from Abraham-Hicks. Believe/feel whatever you wish, is already so. Then stick around it all the things you have gathered etc and be creative. While doing this, know you can have all this, know that the Universe/God/Goddess/Guides will and are helping you. Once you have finished, ask the Universe/God/Goddess/Guides to help you achieve these things as I’ve said above and end by taking three deep breaths and feel yourself back in the room. Put the vision board somewhere you will see it each day, knowing you will receive and it will also help you to stay focused and positive.

You do not need to do this on the 1st day of the year, you can do this in the next couple of weeks, or even in the middle of the year. Whenever you feel like you need to cleanse and clear your energy and want to bring in something new, you can do this. Just adapt it and have fun! Be creative too!

I hope you find the above helpful and I would love to hear from you if you try it! Get in touch through our contact page, comment below or even on facebook and Instagram.

Wishing you a wonderful new year full of blessings and abundance!

Love & Light

Charleen xx


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