Letting Go


I have just been on a three day workshop learning bout Himalayan Shamanism. It was a wonderful workshop and I learnt a lot of things. One of the things we did was group healing, which I wanted to share a bit about with you.

We drummed and used our rattles, we connected to each of the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Letting go of what no longer serves us, asking for help and healing with this. We connected to our Mother the Earth, connected to our Creator, to our Ancestors.

My intention was to let go of what no longer serves me between people I have connected with in my past, where they were a part of my life but there was pain and hurt there with them. I wanted to let go of what no longer serves me and only keep the love and the
lessons. I am pleased to say I did exactly this, I feel at peace and can focus on the positive things now. When the ceremony was finished, I wanted to write up my experience. While I was writing, I had a flood of words come out from me on to the paper. I was not thinking, it just flowed. I want to share this with you….

It does not matter what they think, it is their problem. It is a lesson.

You may not know why people do certain things but you must let go of it, to move on, to re-balance, to be at peace and harmony. You also do not have to explain yourself to anyone. They may also not understand, but once again that is their problem.

It does not matter, you need to let go and be at peace and balance. Let go of anger/frustration. People come and go. Even though you may think they are part of your life forever (family), this may not be so. You do not need to keep them in your life just because they think you are ”family” and you have to move on from it but stay with them. It is a choice to keep them in your life or to let go. Do what feels right to you. Even though you may think keeping them in your life is better, just because they have been a significant part of it, doesn’t mean you need to. Do not ”think” what is the right thing to do . Feel and let go. Let go of what no longer serves you. You can forgive and let go and let them go from your life. You do not have to forgive and keep them in your life. They may not understand it but it does not matter. That is their issue to deal with not yours. Let them think what they like, spread whatever they want to others. It does not matter. Stay centered, stay balanced and move on. You do the work for you and no one else. You cant do the work for anyone else. They have to do it for themselves. People will have different opinions.

Follow your heart and you will not go wrong. Some may disagree with you but it is your life, not theirs. As long as it harms none, do what you will. This does not mean people may not hurt because of what you may do. But it is their understanding of what you do, their feelings. Their feelings are real and are not wrong as it is their understanding of a situation etc. But this is not your fault. Only they can work through their issues. Nothing is wrong or right. Only how you perceive it. It is your job to work through your own issues and no-one elses. Honour your feelings and respect others. But do not take on the burden or take on other peoples feelings. You are not to blame and they are not to blame. It is all how everyone deals with what happens in their own lives. You have the choice how to deal with a situation in your life. As does everyone else. People can not help the way they feel, but they do have a choice of how they deal with their feelings and moving on with situations. They may be hard and you should feel, experience the feeling. They are real, but there comes a time when you must deal and release. Otherwise you will continue to hurt, continue to go on the way you have always done.

To move on is a great thing. To heal and learn. To become who you are, to know who you are and to live happily. To live at peace and harmony.

You have the power. Only you. Love yourself enough to let go, move on and have a better life.

This may resonate with you in some way. We all have issues in our lives, some big, some small. They are all significant though. They all can cause hurt and problems in our lives. What we must do is recognize them, realize that we can heal them and move on to live a happier life.

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Love & Light
Charleen xx

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