Meditation is something I wish I could do more of but life takes over and there never seems to be time! However we must take time for this simple exercise. Even if its just 15 mins a day, we surely must have that!

Meditation is such a wonderful way to switch off from the real world and just simply relax. Listening to some lovely music to take you away for a few minutes, not worrying about a thing and just be. You can also take it further in times you need guidance, by doing a guided meditation to visit a guide or simply seeing what comes up for you and asking your guides for help.

When I just want to relax, I love listening to a Binaural beats or Tibetan Singing Bowls, which I find on YouTube. I simply put my earphones in, darken the room, close my eyes and just listen. It just takes me away into bliss.  Why don’t you try it yourself? If your mind starts to wander, its ok, try to focus on the tone.

I also love guided meditations. Sometimes when you need some guidance or simply have a hard time switching off its best to have a guided mediation as you will have to focus on where you go therefore forgetting about chores you have to do or worrying about something happening etc.

I once was very down and in need of guidance. When I went to a group I use to be with, they took me through a guided meditation. I cant remember the exact details but it was along the lines of going through a wood and then up a mountain and I would meet someone there. So as i went through this meditation i got up to the top of the mountain and there was a very old man sitting there. He had long
white hair and a long white beard. I asked him who he was and if he had a message for me and he said he was Grandfather Time. He said that time heals everything and that I will get over what I was going through at the time. Im sure he said a few more things but as this was over a year ago I have forgotten what exact words he said. But he still sticks in my head. At the time his message to me and just him alone being the person I met at the top of mountain was what I needed and fitted into exactly what was happening with me. He was right of course, time heals everything!

So if you would like to do a guided meditation why not try this one I am about to give you. You can either read it aloud and record it on your laptop or other recording device or get someone else to read It for you, or if you have a very good memory, read through it first and take it from there! Put on some relaxing music, close your eyes and a take this journey…….

Imagine you are in a beautiful forest. In front of you there is a path way through the trees, you decide to walk towards it and take the path. As you are walking through the trees you come to a circular clearing and in the middle is a huge oak tree. Its the most magnificent tree you have seen and it is calling to you. You walk up to this beautiful tree and you have this incredible urge to hug it, so you go ahead and do this. You feel the wonderful energy coming from the tree filling you with unconditional love. You stay hugging the tree for a while and then you see there is an opening in the tree, you decide to go through the opening and there is a narrow tunnel going down into the ground, it winds round and round, deeper and deeper you go. You eventually come out into a wonderful meadow. Look around you, what do you see? Are there any trees?, flowers?, water? Have a good look around. After a while of exploring you see a circle of large stones. It looks very sacred to you and you decide to walk into the middle of the stones. You can feel a wonderful energy while you stand there so you decide to sit down and enjoy the energy. While you sit there soaking up the energy you feel that there is someone there with you. You are not scared as you sense it is a friend, a guide of some sort. You look around and a figure is coming towards the stones, they enter the stones and talk to you. (Talk with this person or guide for how ever long you wish. Ask them questions, who are they? have they a message for you?). After you have finished talking to this person, thank them for being there and say goodbye. Make your way back to the opening where you entered the meadow, up the winding narrow path up the tree and come out at the top into the forest clearing. You decide to hug the huge oak tree again and thank it for its loving energy and say goodbye. You make your way back through the forest to where you started. Take your time to open your eyes and digest what you have experienced. Write down your experiences.

I would also like to point out that some people say you should protect yourself when entering into meditation. There are many ways to do this but a simple way is just imagine yourself in a big bubble and nothing can get in it! That’s all!

I hope you enjoy this mediation and please give me your feedback on it. If you have any questions regarding this or anything else, please feel free to contact me either by  the contact page on this website, through FacebookInstagram or email at

Brightest Blessings

Charleen xx


Picture Credits: Artist Unknown

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