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I have just finished a wonderful Goddess Workshop CD and wanted to share it with you. The CD I bought was Goddess Workshop by Suzanne Corbie. It consists of information, meditations and exercises you can do  to get to know certain Goddesses. It takes you through the Triple Goddess, Moon Goddess and the Goddess of Love. It is very good for beginners or anyone who wants to brush up on the basics of the Goddess and who to connect with for what.

One of the meditations which I did was to meet the Goddess Artemis. The Goddess of the Hunt, maiden aspect. She is the Goddess to go to for independence, strength and freedom. Some affirmations you can say are, I am free to choose my path in my life, I am a independent Spirit, I believe in myself.

In the meditation I met Artemis, a beautiful young woman running through the forest with her animal friends. I ran with them all, sensing the freedom, happiness and power of her presence. Making me feel that I am a strong independent woman who needs no one to make her happy. It was a wonderful experience and has made me feel more powerful in myself. I will definitely be doing this meditation again along with the others on the CD.

The one hour CD consists of the following:

Welcome and introduction
The Divine Feminine
The Triple Goddess
Virgin Maiden Goddess
Meditation to connect with the Maiden Goddess
The Mother Goddess
Meditation to connect with the Mother Goddess
Affirmations and exercises for the Full moon
The Dark Goddess
Meditation on the Crone
Affirmations and exercises for the Dark Moon
The Goddess of Love
Meditation to Connect with the Goddess of love
Affirmations and exercises for the Goddess of Love
Connecting with The Goddess
The Gnostic prayer “Thunder, Perfect Mind”

Once again I would definitely recommend this CD if you want to know a bit more about the Goddess and if you are starting out or just want more information and experiences of the Goddess. You can purchase a copy at Book Depository or Amazon.

Brightest Blessings!

Charleen  xx

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