Vila Message

We are in the Winds, the Mountains and the Forests.

We are in the Animals, Insects and Birds.

We live to protect Nature, we are the spirit of Nature.

Protect the Earth and all life.

Help us to do this for humanity is destroying the planet and all things are sacred.

Help us in this mission.

Look to Nature for answers, you will see them everywhere if  you look closely.

Look what is happening in the world, what is she doing? She cleanses herself and will do this more if she needs to. Nature will survive, for she always finds away.

We can show you many things, we can help you to heal, to find the answers you have been searching for.

We will help you to connect to Nature more and to see the wisdom and the teachings there.

But we do not give this openly.

You must earn your way to these teachings.

Are you ready to commit?


Vila Message
Vila by Pranile

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